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Locust Combi Grab

Bale grab, bale collectors, bale accumulator, square bales, farm equipment



Our Locust Bale Grab is designed to lift pre-formed blocks of square bales, in groups of 10, 12 or 15, from your field onto a trailer or directly into your shed. It will also allow you to unload bales from your trailer or your shed. We can also supply a 2 in 1 unit, our Locust Combi Bale Grab, which will both collect and load your bales.


Our locust bale grabs allow you to get your bales out of the field quickly in an efficient manner without any manual handling. Our 15 Bale Grab is designed to be used with our 15 Bale Collector.



  • Heavy duty frame

  • Long hooks for secure bale holding

  • Lubrication free bosses, no greasing required

  • Bolted design allowing quick & easy maintenance

  • Adjustable frame for easy transportation

  • Quick conversion from Collector to Grab mode



  • Load your bales fast, without losing sweat.

  • No manual handling of bales required.

  • Saves you money by reducing labour costs.

  • Load your bales consistently all day without getting tired.

  • Load up to 15 bales simultaneously, getting the job done faster.

  • Builds a stable load by alternating bale direction to overlap joints.

  • Unload bales from the trailer & load into your shed.

Product Video

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