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Ground Quake Sand Injector



This machine is capable of performing both both de-compaction and sand slitting in a SINGLE PASS. With three 25cm long blades per flange, working on 25cm centers, this machine quakes the ground from side to side as the blades rotate. This results in optimal de-compaction by laterally fracturing the soil profile, while also backfilling the trench. With vibration in both the chutes and hopper, as well as a triple agitator system inside the hopper, the Ground Quake is able to use a variety of soil amendments. Permitting use of damp sand, pea gravel, or any other material you choose, this gives you added versatility while greatly reducing your cost. Whether you are improving surface drainage, amending your soil profile, or supplementing sub-surface drainage, this machine will save you time and money.



  • Rear roller system for even weight distribution across the ground

  • No heave left

  • Connects to any tractor

  • Easy transportation

  • Centralized greasing system and self lubricating chain

  • Low and easy maintenance



  • Cost effective secondary drainage solution.

  • One pass system gets your sportsfield ready for use quickly.

  • Operates with various soil amendments increasing versility.

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