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Locust Bale Collector

Bale grab, bale collectors, bale accumulator, square bales, farm equipment



Our Locust Bale Collector enables you to collect square bales into groups of 10, 12 or 15, which can be pushed around the field to your desired location. The groups of bales can then be lifted with our Locust Bale Grab and placed onto a trailer or directly into your shed with no manual handling required. This is a fast, efficient and effortless method of getting your bales out of the field quickly



  • Collects up to 15 bales

  • Can operate in uneven ground

  • Accommodates various bale lengths

  • Folding frame for easy transportation

  • No moving parts

  • Standard 3-point attachment



  • Get your bales out of the field faster.

  • Collect bales all day without getting tired.

  • Saves you money by reducing labour costs.

  • No more carrying bales to the trailer.

  • No need to constantly climb in and out of your tractor to carry bales.

  • No need to move the trailer around the field.

  • Move your bales to the trailer, allowing you to load in one location increasing load stability.

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