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Custom Machine Building



Manufacturing processes must be efficient and flexible in todays competive business envoirnment. We work very closely with our clients to desgin and intergrate dedicated solutions for individual applications. When all project goals have been clearly defined we use 3D design software to build a virtual model of the proposed machine and validate this with our clients before construction begins. Solutions can range from simple work holding jigs and fixtures to fully automated PLC controlled and networked machines incorporating robotic systems for material handling and machine vision systems for inspection and quality control. Our machines conform with all relevent regulations and are comissioned with supporting documentation.



  • All our machines, jigs and fixtures are custom built to overcome client specific challenges

  • All details of a proposed design are first modeled in a virtual 3D environment using SolidWorksTM Premium design software

  • We use a modular approach to machine building using standard parts where possible

  • Safety systems are incorporated into every project at the inital design stage

  • We use the latest PLC/automation technology, our machines can be network connected and incorporated into SCADA systems

  • We provide full maintenance support for all installations




  • Maximum effectiveness is achieved by setting out clear and comprehensive project goals and engineering ideal solutions

  • All designs are completely validated before construction ensuring successful operation

  • Our modular system allows efficient reconfiguration of a machine or work holding fixture, reducing retooling costs

  • We design safety systems that offer operators complete protection, complying with relevant standards, without compromising performance

  • PLC controlled systems, coupled with quality engineering, offer precise operation and fast reconfiguration. Network connect allows remote monitoring and machine to machine communication

  • All our machines have low maintenance requirements. We provide a full maintenance service on all installations eliminating the need for our clients to provide on-site technicians

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