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CNC Plasma Systems

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            CNC positioning systems are very versatile and have many applications across various industries. We custom build all our CNC systems to client requirements ensuring the optimum balance between initial investment and performance.

              3-axis plasma cutting and routing are the two most common applications for our systems. Other applications include flame cutting, drilling & tapping, milling, engraving and 3D printing. Multiple tools can be mounted on a single machine, allowing more than one operation to be preformed. A common example is plasma cutting and drilling & tapping.

              We provide all software and hardware required for our systems. We also install the systems if required. We provide full training and support to our clients.



  • Each system is custom built to client requirements

  • We build systems with working areas from 1250mm x 1250mm up to large industrial systems, 5000mm x 2500mm or more

  • We offer quick change systems for changing tools easily, for example plasma torch to drilling head

  • Multiple drive options available, rack and pinion, toothed belt or ball screw

  • Precision slides on all axis

  • CNC positioning system separated from work holding table allowing multiple tables for different operations

  • Additional features include Torch Height Control for plasma systems; Laser sight lines for fast accurate homing; Tube cutting or wood turning attachments 



  • Custom building all our CNC systems allows us to provide ideal solutions to our clients, very cost effectively 7

  • Quick change tool options allow your CNC system to perform multiple tasks, maximizing your return on investment and providing the highest level of versatility

  • Precision slides coupled with the correct drive solution ensure optimum performance in an accurate, rigid machine

  • Keeping the positioning system separate from the work holding table provides a versatile work holding solution which is easily adaptable allowing large or difficult items to be accommodated

  • Our fully customizable CNC systems give you the perfect machine for your specific task. Contact us today for more information 


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