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Component Storage & Workstation Systems



Efficient component storage, tracking and retrieval are critical to the smooth operation of all manufacturing facilities. Ryan Engineering offer complete component storage solutions from part bins & shelving to fully automated component tracking, ordering and retrieval, incorporating JIT systems.


Operator workstations also form an important part of the production process in many manufacturing facilities. We design and build ergonomic modular workstations optimized to give operators an effective platform to carry out specific tasks. As our workstations are modular they can be reconfigured easily as requirements change. We can integrate electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic systems into workstations to assist with work holding or tool operation.



  • Custom designed component storage systems tailored to individual requirements

  • Clear component identification via barcodes, RFID  or visual tags

  • Stock control system integration

  • Automated component retrieval possible for high volume operations

  • Custom designed workstations incorporating work holding jigs, fixtures and dedicated tool stations

  • Adjustable workstations meet individual operators preferences

  • Digital displays can be incorporated into workstations

  • Workstations can be equipped with multiple electric, pneumatic or hydraulic systems as required

  • Modular, reconfigurable systems for component storage and workstations 




  • Efficient component retrieval enables fast efficient assembly

  • Fast and reliable identification of components ensures more efficient production with reduced product defects due to incorrect component use

  • Automated stock control systems can be integrated into component storage systems, ensuring the correct parts are always available when required

  • Automated component retrieval increases the efficiency of high volume production

  • Digital displays enable effective clear communication with the assembly operative. Displays are reprogrammable and can be network connected for remote access.

  • Our modular systems can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to changes in the production process


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